It’s Raining !!!!

It’s raining heavily in Kerala  these days .It came as a relief from the scorching heat.

I have a love hate relationship with the rain.During my childhood days i loved rain so so much that it was a tedious job for my parents to get me back into the house.Rain was so dear to me that i would sneak out of the house whenever i got a chance so that i could get drenched in rain..We used to make paper boats and watch them taken away by the current,splash water on each others face,jump into the puddles splashing water everywhere making ourselves wet and dirty.It was so much fun. OMG it was such an awesome feeling!!!!!! I feel happy at the very thought.Recollecting those good old memories brings a smile on my face 🙂

But now things are different ; though the nostalgic memories triggers smiles on my face, the actual rain now puts me down.You know our likes change.and now i prefer the sunny day to the rain.I get bored, irritated in this cold wet climate.At times I doubt whether i have seasonal depression haha  😉 That was a joke !!

And on the top of that we are having our semester break and this rain forces me to stay back at home.All I do these days is alternating between watching tv,surfing the net,spending a big share of my time in facebook and also books.I haven’t stepped out of my house ever since the rain started.And all the above said timepasses  are of no use and so I sill remain bored .so who s the culprit for all these- Rain.

So i hate rain but somewhere in the deep corner of my heart the kid in me still loves rain.


Love to hear from you

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