Lost and found

Hello lovelies.It has been a while since I blogged. I had mentioned in one of my posts that I blog when I am sad.No now I am not sad or feeling low. And I don’t say I  never felt low during the time I wasn’t blogging. I was just lazy.That explains it all.Hopefully I will keep blogging. I keep repeating these same lines over and over …that am lazy n will continue writing.I guess I will stick to my words this time.That makes me wonder ,Is there anyone now  who will actually read my blog.Never mind we will consider this as a brand new beginning.




The lie you called was my way of

shielding my privacy.

My silence nothing but

to quench the thirst of my soul..

What I cherished as solitude

drummed as loneliness in your ears..

When I lay awake in the middle of a moonless night

Wondering about the unexplained truth of my existence

You think me as  a mere ‘body’ craving for your touch..


There we go

Against the wind

Relishing the moment

Deaf to the whistles of the wind

We are different we howl..

Knowing the truth we aren’t

We hold hands

Together we will conquer

we whisper in each others ears..

The truth grins at our face

waiting for the current to part our hands..


Awkward moment is when a newly wedded couple( read neighbor) comes to your home with sweets when you are all alone at home and you hardly recognize your neighbor, pop stupid irrelevant questions that comes into your mind for the sake of asking something.After they had left, you find yourself feeling stupid about the whole casual conversation you cooked up. 😀

Uninvited memories from past

Today I happened to see a picture of two of my classmates on facebook. They are my mutual friends.I don’t have any explanation for why none of my school friends(read except  2 of my bffs) are my  fb friends.The reason may finally come round as mere ego.I think I have mentioned in this blog about my failed attempt in medical entrance test and I ended up in a confusing ,uninvited world of computer programming.Most of my school friends are either doctors or engineers and may be the ego that I haven’t reached anywhere in life is bugging me and that may be the reason I shut myself away from them.May be I found my life would be less miserable (to be frank it isn’t that bad 🙂 ) if I stay away from them. Not everything happens as we wish.The picture brought back every single drop of ego,jealousy,self sympathy that laid burried in my heart to life.I wish I was less addicted to this stupid fb ,then I wouldn’t have seen that picture.By the way the pic was awesome,the 2 people I mentioned were getting married n they looked so cute together.I should have been happy for them,instead  I turned green with envy.It’s high time that I grow up.Though I always keep saying I have grown out of that phase and will never let my past torture my present,I must confess that some memories still remain which I should throw out of my heart as soon as possible.I think it is highly necessary that I should let go off the past that I can no more change. I wrote this with a hope that I would feel better or else I will come back with another rant or set of jumbled words that I call ‘poem’.May God give you guys enough strength to tolerate my posts.

With love



Innocence was what  betrayed

Fangs unnoticed behind the childish smile.

Thorns beyond the sweet words

Mask hiding true self

Innocent it seemed

Naive I was

to see love in stone heart.

Warnings ignored to yield pain

Covering up lies

Like flowerbeds on graveyard

Hiding the truth within

yielding the best

Mirror to the heart I thought

deceived by what eyes saw

Glassy eyes reflected what it ought to show

Blind to evil within..